I identify as a pansexual little and kitten in the D/s context. I am babygirl to my wonderful Daddy whom I'm grateful for everyday. This blog is somewhere to let the inner pervert run wild and hopefully there'll be something you like here too. Oh, and cute things. Lots of cute things. And a butt load of pretty tattoos ;)

You can always message me if you need some advice or just someone to talk to. You're never alone.

NSFW and 18+ please.
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As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.


Da cutest sex toyz!! 💖😍😍💖 get ur stickers at!!


Otay, this is probably too many, and I haven’t even submitted the photos yet, but blathh + thoughtvomette + I shot this set for GodsGirls a lil’ ago, and it was berry fun.



daddy has been extra rough with my bottom.

all part of training :3